Compare Oppo f5 vs Vivo v7 –  Comparing Oppo F5 vs Vivo V7

Is a comparation of the amount that will be done anyone who wants to buy swafoto phones with a price range of less than 4 Million. Because the two phones are equally positioned as a specialist camera phone with high resolution selfie photos and at the price tag not much different.

Both Oppo F5 and Vivo V7 current version of the official warranty has been sold in Indonesia. The reputation of both brands is relatively the same. Not to mention both are also similarly mimic I-PHONE display design agen judi bola even the display face (UI) is in use is also similar to the IOS. The harder is not choosing between Oppo F5 vs Vivo V7?

Two of these brands have both been offering a screen with an 18.9 ratio that seems to be popular among middle-class mobile phones. Oppo not only offers larger screen sizes but also higher resolution levels. Not to mention the screen protector in the form of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 has been applied on the screen Oppo F5. So from the side of the screen is not difficult to see that Oppo F5 is better than Vivo v7.

Oppo F5 vs Vivo v7 camera comparison Comes to the comparative points that should be most interesting is the comparison of the camera. let alone these two phones do choose the camera feature as a key selling point, especially the secondary camera or the latter is more often referred to as a camera selfie.

Oppo F5 only offers a front camera with a single lens that has 20 MP sensor and f / 2.0 openings, but the manufacturer feels confident that Al’s accompanying features are more than enough to face competitors while meeting user expectations. While Vivo through his V7 choose to use the lens with 24 MP openings f / 2.0 sensor with a flash LED.

In a short test, both are able to produce a photo of selfie and wefie special in its class, although not equipped by LED flash but it turns the photographs produced by Oppo F5 camera produces saturation and accuracy slightly better than V7. it seems that the technology applied in Al here is not just a gimmick.

Similar conditions can also be seen in the primary camera (rear) which although both use the lens with a 16MP sensor and a myriad of similar features but thanks to the opening f / 1.8 lens Oppo f5 primary camera works better in the room when compared Vivo V7. Overall Oppo F5 is a better choice for primary and secondary cameras.

In closing the comparison of Oppo F5 vs Vivo v & it can be underlined that vivo v7 is slightly superior in the performance sector thanks to the use of the 450 snapdragon, though the difference is not much. In addition the price of v & also slightly cheaper in the appeal F5. But beyond those two things Oppo F5 shows the advantages ranging from the screen to the camera.